Professional drilling and blasting for all types of mining, quarry, and civil blasting projects

Located at Tamborine in South East Queensland, our experienced team can blast your project to success.

We have the heavy machinery to get the job done.

Integrating drilling and blasting in a single service gets your project rolling faster and is a simpler solution for  project management and the engineers.



Our safe and efficient blasting & drilling services will give your project an edge


Our compliant blasting allow you to optimise your project's diggability without compromise


We are experts at laser profiling and blast design so you can be assured of safety and predictability


We design your quarry blasting service to increase productivity. Our blasts enhance fragmentation in the earth, thus optimising diggability for improved resources management.


Experts at vibration and noise, complying with environmental laws, our mining services not only improve digging but optimise resource recovery.

Guaranteed Results

Our expert team will enhance any project, big or small. Our top class equipment and experience will guide your drilling and blasting project to a safe, compliant, and successful outcome.

How we can help your project

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Specialising in quarrying, mining, and civil blasting